Friday, July 13, 2007

The Seraphim Choir, Belgie

The Seraphim Choir, Belgie, originally uploaded by - di.

The Seraphim Choir gave a 70-minute concert in the Church of St Nicholas in Mesen on 11 July and I messed around with the ISO speed and no flash ...


Manic said...

You can fly? You so did not tell me that.

chiefbiscuit said...

WOW! Talk about hob-nobbing! Don't the Queen look superb in purple? And that red lipstick adds a lovely contrast.
I don't think I've even seen a photo fo the NZ GG!
It must've been quite shocking to have it hit home that so many kiwi jokers lost their lives in such a short time.
What a fantastic experience. And you have handled it all with (what I gather is) your customary aplomb! :)

womanwandering said...

Well Manic ... there is much you don't know about me ;) however, as I recall, you are something of an expert on Belgian cathedrals so ... I was upstairs, up the creaky old wooden stairs on the creaky old wooden floor, trying not to move too much.

Lol, it's been an incredible few days over here chiefbiscuit. The New Zealanders did make me homesick and I did spend an hour or so talking with a well-known NZ artist about his place at Speargrass Flat ... it made me so unbelievably homesick!

There are so many posts to write from these last few days, not the least being about a tranquil farming scene I photographed which was the battlefield where 'in less than four hours more than 60% of the New Zealanders who had taken part in the battle became casualties - a total of 3,296 of whom 1,190 died, the worst day ever in New Zealand history.

I don't know about my 'customary aplomb' ... it feels more like Alison down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, simply getting on and chatting with the folk at the wonderful tea parties.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Di,

Lovely shot. Now I'm going to have to dig out some of the stained-glass window shots I took in Montreal /....

Keep ya eyes peeled!



womanwandering said...

Will do David :)