Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Queen and I ...

It was enough that I had the opportunity to travel with the Seraphim Choir ... hearing them perform and sharing so many of their special moments here on Flanders Field. What I never expected was that I might have premium position at today's Passchendaele ceremony.

It began well with 'us' finding ourselves located next to the Australian Cadets, over the rope from the press. There's nothing like catching up with things Australian and a lovely Aussie bloke took my card after I snapped a few photographs of his crowd.

Then came the realisation that the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh and various other dignitaries were going to be sitting directly in front from me across that empty 10 metre (at most) stretch of lawn. I was more centrally located than the press next door to me ... there's really nothing quite like being an invited guest and in possession of a special invitation.

Oddly enough, I was just a little shaky as the Queen arrived ... I didn't expect it but perhaps it was simply the result of a childhood filled with images of the royal family.

I was 'that' close to someone who almost seemed more myth than reality.

I took many photographs and I'm curious to see the results but I have to wait till I'm home. Tonight there's a farewell in the bar here, as the choir leave first thing in the morning ... one must attend ;)

Tomorrow I've been invited along on a wee jaunt as photographer, a few of the guys are showing New Zealand's Governor General round the battlefields here, afterwards Martin and I drive back to the big city.

It was incredible day ... truly incredible.

Tot ziens!


Di the second said...

just having a look at your webpage since more then a week and i read this. why the hell was i thinking "lets see if i can spot Di" when i was watching the eight o clock news. didn't see you, but it turns out you were really there.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for you at the tv too, but I am even more looking forward to the pictures you took! Enjoy you day! Lut

womanwandering said...

I was right beside the press area, at the front of but behind the Australian army ... the press couldn't get me, I was too close to them in a difficult to reach place which was fine by me. It was strange enough to have the Queen and her husband sitting directly in front of me :)

awomynda said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Sounds like your having a blast down there!

christina said...

Oooh, I just adore Her Majesty! She's my queen too, after all. I once saw Prince Philip up close many years ago when I was working in a boutique at a fancy hotel (don't ask) in Vancouver. His lovely wife wasn't with him, unfortunately. They used to come over to Victoria on Vancouver Island (where I went to university) once in a while too - mostly all you'd see was a gloved hand waving from a limousine. But once there was some big event and the masses were served tea in golden styrofoam cups!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Manic said...

So is the queen of England also the queen of New Zealand?
On the Dutch TV I think I saw your arm for a wee sec. It represented you as you really are. And no, you are more than an arm, just to make it clear :D

Mark J said...

You deserve this sooooo much girl.
So it turns out living in Cromwell was punishment enough for this life :)

Many more good times are coming Di - just don't forget us little folks when you're a star. Some of us knew it all along :)

V-Grrrl said...

Good Grrrl! You had your business cards handy! The PR goddess approves!

And when I saw the post headline, I thought the post would be about Miss Three, the Queen of Kiwi Villa.

Shashikiran Mullur said...


womanwandering said...

Hi Amanda, it was truly memorable down there on Flanders Field.

Christina ... I won't ask but I did smile when I read your comment.

Manic ...
And yes, the Queen of England is New Zealand's queen.

Cromwell ...
Thanks Mark, me a star?
Hmmm it's more about you being unforgettable really, isn't it ;)

Oh pr goddess do I have business card news. Amazing things happened down there, I'll email once I've caught up on sleep and settled a little.

It was, Shashikiran :)

david mcmahon said...

Great work, Di,

And you're right - there's nothing better than catching up with all things Aussie.

I'm sure the Queen was rapt to meet you. What a story!



womanwandering said...

Thanks David but I only got to photograph her across the 10 metres of grass that seperated us.