Thursday, July 26, 2007

The road travelled

Flanders Field- Belgie, originally uploaded by - di.

Slowly slowly I'm winding down on the work associated with my 5 days spent in Mesen with Chilton St James Seraphim Choir.

I've sent photographs out to many of the individuals I photographed, to the Last Post Association and the New Zealand Embassy and the Governor General's photographs went out to the NZ Defence Force.

The list still isn't quite done. There's the choir member who moved to Dubai at the end of the trip and the superb New Zealand artist who paused for a moment once or twice which, quite frankly, is the only invitation my little EOS Canon requires.

It's been fun to be able to give freely; something a digital camera makes entirely possible and it's been so good to test myself on this huge workload alone.

I've become fluent in the use of small elements in photoshop and learnt how to talk the photographer's talk as I walked the road.

It has been a little superb and I'm almost well again too, just the cough.

Tot straks.


Manic said...

You almost succeeded in making me feel sorry for you, but you got what you asked for, except the cough of course, that's with compliments of the Belgian weather.
Well have a great day putting pictures on those little round thingies, Ms. Photographer.

womanwandering said...

Noooooooooooooo I didn't want you to feel sorry for me, you plonker ;) I was just saying it was hard work but I loved it and learnt a lot.