Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dropping like flies ...

It's a quaint New Zealand/Australian way of describing all kinds of things, although in this instance I'm referring to the flu that all of us northern hemisphere-based folk who spent time working in Mesen last week are coming down with.

I'm hearing reports from Martin that Steven and Howard have also become'sicker than dogs'.

You know, it wasn't until I came out in the world that I realised how much of the way that we kiwis speak seems to come from the farm.

It hit me again when Belgian Patrick asked Kiwi Martin what he meant when he replied to Patrick's 'How are you?' with 'A box of fluffies'.

We could take that one further if feeling really good and reply with 'A box of fluffy ducks' when asked how we are.

And often as not, we can't explain where these things came from.

Me telling Gert that I was 'as happy as a sandboy' left him bemused and scratching his head, with me unable to explain where it had come from.

I'm presuming that those who went back to New Zealand have also come down with this flu. It's nasty, it begins with that throat full of chalkdust feeling that Gert has tonight.

Could be that he'll be as sick as a dog in the morning ...


Peter said...

It's remarkable how many people are currently suffering from viral summer infections, more than what I'm used to during a regular Belgian summer.

Hope you all feel better soon.

On a personal note: my painful hand was temporarily diagnosed as arthritis - rather disconcerting news. "Typing should be avoided", my MD advised.

And here I am, typing ;-)

womanwandering said...

So sorry to read of your arthritis but what was the doctor thinking, telling you typing should be avoided?

As for the flu ... I guess the hot and cold, hot wet, cold windy, thunderstormy weather is responsible.

Manic said...

It's that Spanish flu thing, I think it wants another day in the spotlight. You are re-living 1917 methinks.
Kiwis and Australians were probably once farmers in England or something before they took the big leap. So that could explain your farming sayings.

womanwandering said...

Thanks Manic ... Spanish flu huh, and how many did that kill?

Had to giggle when I reached the 'you are reliving 1917 methinks', grateful that you didn't say anything about me being around for the first round of that flu.

Possibly re: the farming sayings but it has something to do with us being left to our own devices too, and being too far from Versailles ;)

You'll love it in my world, Meneer Manic, I do hope you get there one day.

Juliet said...

You have been sick - me too - I made it home to NZ but haven't made it into work yet - sore throat temp. etc.

However, I love this website Di, its amazing and is a great record of the girls trip. the photos are great. Thank you.

womanwandering said...

Lovely to find you here Juliet and get well soon. I think we all have the same thing ... the high temperature has been the most frustrating aspect as the temperature soared, off and on, after you left and having a fever in 30oC just isn't fun.

Glad you enjoyed the site. I've tried to stick with posting images from the week rather than photographs of the girls except on my photography blog where there are one or two.

ML said...

Ah but we too have been dropping like flies,, tho not recently and Al is presently feeling sick as a dog... but a temporary thing, I suspect.
I am sooo excited by your new life and cannot wait to get over there and see things for myself, tho I am so glad you showed me many of the WWI battlefields and cemeteries last year.. It brought back all those memories, wonderful since I taught that period in school!

womanwandering said...

I hope Al's feeling better soon ML, and it will be simply delicious to have you both here again this year :)