Monday, July 23, 2007

Thinking about some things

I'm antsy today ...

Finished the big job and now it's all about the clean-up phase.

Preparing contract details for an incredible new project.

Organising English classes in the meanwhile.

Waiting for the webdesigner to get back with 3 more mock-ups of the new shared website still in development.

Thinking about my dad who said he's about middle, in reply to my 'how are you?'
He's 71 and they're having a cold winter down there in the South Island of New Zealand.

Trying to work out if Sahara (aka little Miss 3) has my flu which seems likely, going by her nose and her level of grouchiness at the moment.

Realising that while the red wine on the balcony last night was lovely, this morning was less than lovely because of it.

Pricing both laptops that do what I want within an affordable price range and looking at EOS 30D camera bodies on the basis of the new job which will require that back-up body if anything fails on my little 350D during working hours.

Wishing that Sahara hadn't poked her little 3 year old finger through the last of my coffee pad thingies because I could really do with that coffee about now.


Alex Roe said...

My, you seem to have a lot on your mind!

Hope everything works out OK. Either way, think about the wine! Good stuff wine!

Your projects sound intriguing, and getting a second body would be a very wise move IMHO. (EOS 30d is a very good choice)

Hang on in there!


womanwandering said...

Lol I do, don't I.

I almost had to write it here to see what I was thinking about ... it's a little chaotic in my head at the moment.

I think it will all calm down as things become clear and meanwhile, yes ... there's always the wine, she writes to the man who lives surrounded by some of the best wines in the world.

Rain and 16oC here at most today ... I keep thinking of your melting pavements. Unimaginable ...

V-Grrrl said...

Busy. Exiciting. Overwhelming. As I share your life from a few thousand miles away, I see we continue to see we have so much in common.

Alex Roe said...

"there's always the wine, she writes to the man who lives surrounded by some of the best wines in the world...I keep thinking of your melting pavements."

Good wine, and lots of sun - two very good reasons for being in Italy!! ;-)

But there are other things to life.


Roam To Rome... said...

All that work,
all of that in your mind and
all with side-effects of red wine
but no side-effects of coffee, hehe :)

Sounds like such a Monday!

Manic said...

Little Sahara seems to know how to get to you, stealing your flu, making sure you don't have any coffee to drink, colouring the walls and telling it to you straight with a big smile on her teeny weeny face. Yup she's a vintage kiwi alright.
You'll do wonderful on your big job, I'm sure, but do get that back-up la, you don't want everything to become a Shangri-la (and no I did not use more than five seconds to create that pun).

womanwandering said...

We do v-grrrl, although I'm still light years away from the purchase of a house that reads as delicious as yours :)

Perhaps there is Alex ...

Roam to Rome, I read your comment and thought 'yes, it was Monday'. :) I have coffee on a high shelf for Tuesday, let's see how that goes.

I've had 'those who know about computers' poring over computer sites. The 'la' makes me so sad, sometimes when forced to share Gert's computer with Gert, I wander over to my 'la', pull the onscreen keyboard up onscreen and start the agonising one-fingered typing which is all that is possible.

I have to wait till September 3 for the laptop ... it will be a great day in Di World, a very great day.