Monday, July 09, 2007

Sometimes it feels like an Alison in Wonderland kind of life ...

Somedays it truly feels like I fell down that rabbit hole and into another life ...

Today was about getting my ironing board (long story) and luggage down our spiral staircase without falling ... about being driven through Belgium to Flanders Field and on into the Irish Peace Village where we're, at this moment, waiting for our New Zealand crowd to arrive.

In the meantime, I've had a red wine in a small cafe called Kleine Stadhuis, wandered through a magnificent Commonwealth war cemetery with dark clouds and thunderstorms happening all around but not over us ... white tombstones and black skies make for stunning photography and the light was simply superb.

So yes, as things go at the moment, you could say I'm having a slightly superb time ... we'll see how the week progresses.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

There is a reason why many painters came here, you just found that out.
I went to see the Tour de France in Ghent today. No rain drups, to my and hundreds of thousands of others' surprise.
Tomorrow I'm going to the see the start of the Tour. Wish me luck! And good luck with the royals, I heard they have an attitude somewhere along the line of calling it protocol :D

Lever said...

Oh. So you're not seeing Le Tour huh? I thought of you guys when it went from England to Belgium, and when a Belgian called Gert won yesterday, well...

Peter said...

I'm glad you're having the time of your life Di. Although I won't be leaving Antwerp, July 11 is Flanders day, for most of us a public holiday with more emotional feelings attached than Belgium's indepence day July 21.

Thursday will see the arrival of 3,000 athletes for the Eurogames, also hosted in Antwerp.

I do hope the weather won't mess with the opening ceremonies (rain/thunder/hail expected in both Antwerp and Flanders fiels).

Have fun at the commemorations near Passendaele: we all expect to see a real queen, preferably in a shot that nobody will ever forget ;-)

womanwandering said...

Oh ja Manic, the light, the light.

Missed the Tour ... just by a wee bit though.

Gert ... well isn't that a winning name ;)

The Eurogames ... are you taking part Peter? Good luck with the weather, we're expecting similar here.