Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 2 of the summer flu

I emailed Martin, the New Zealander living in Belgium who coordinated the Seraphim Choir in Flanders project.

I mentioned I was feeling quite ill.
He replied 'Ik ben ook ziek...' and I feel like death warmed up.

I've been dripping with a fever on and off all day, coughing whenever I try for a conversation.

It's miserable.

However in between 'feeling sorry for myself' bouts, I did manage to work through 300 of the photographs from last week, and I did look into teaching English here in Antwerp, and I did get the couch cover all but off to throw in the washing machine.

The big question now is whether I'm best taking painkillers with aspirin or red wine with whatever magical qualities it contains ...


Peter said...

Do get better soon Di, I know how it feels to be "physically challenged": I can hardly type anymore due to what feels like arthritis...

V-Grrrl said...

Summer flu is the worst. And it's been so hot in Belgie, the fever must be unbearable.

I recommend an Italian ice, since chicken soup won't do in the summer.

Hope you feel better soon.

womanwandering said...

Dank u wel Peter. I'm so sorry to read of the hand pain. I guess this weird thunderstorm weather doesn't help anything.

It is v-grrrl. An Italian ice? Sounds tempting. I hope I feel better soon too because I'm a horrible patient and it's 3am on a sleepless and sweaty night ... dramatic sigh ;)