Friday, July 20, 2007

A small post

Tonight my world exploded with the most exciting work offer I've had since arriving in Belgium. It left me sleepless, smiling and wondering if I will ever slip back into normal sleeping habits again ...

It's almost 3am and I'm closing photoshop down for the night, having added a new blog header by Jessie and a new photographic essay titled 'The Piper' on my Di Mackey Photography website.

Once you click autoplay, select 9 and you're in the newest folder.

Tot straks from the kiwi in Belgie.


Roam To Rome... said...

Congratulations on your work offer :)

It's nice to see excitement... it's contagious :) Auguri!

Alex Roe said...

Excellent, as usual. The only nit-picking comment I would make, is that I think the Piper photos could have been a little sharper. I don't know whether this is a lens or photoshop issue.

But, as I said, this is nit-picking.


womanwandering said...

Thanks Roam to Rome, I enjoyed wandering over on your site. Nice to find you here.

Hi Alex, the sharpness issue seems to be with the website I'm using as the original images, pre-downsizing them hugely, were perfectly sharp.

I photographed the whole band on impulse when I found them practising out the back of a venue I was at but this particular piper really captured my attention. Mostly he didn't even know I was photographing him ... oh the beauty of the big telephoto lens.

Manic said...

Woohoo Di's got work. You weren't hired by the Belgian royals to take some snapshots of them on the national holiday, were you? I so had no idea you were so close to them.

womanwandering said...

Manic ... are you starting rumours?

Nope, it's not the Belgian royal family.

david mcmahon said...

Fantastic news, Di.

Congratulations. I'm really stoked on your behalf.

Can you give us a clue?

Keep smiling


Alex Roe said...

Di, quick question: How do you downsize the photos in Pshop? I've read that Bicubic sharpening seems to work really well for that and seems to keep the photos sharp when you reduce their size.

For the record, I often sharpen after downsizing, otherwise the results are not too good, I've noticed. Then I'll save for web, at 80% quality or more, If the file size is not huge.

Sorry I've I'm advising you to do what you do already!


womanwandering said...

Hi David, I'll let you know as soon as the details of the job are confirmed :)

Thanks for the bicubic info Alex, it does seem a little better.

I think the problem with what I have on my website is that they are tiny images to avoid having them 'borrowed' and the price I pay seems to be that they appear less sharp. You're the first person to mention it ... were you viewing the slideshow when you noticed it?

If I sharpen images at all, and it's rare, I do it when I'm working on the image in photoshop ... working on the 'working' image, I have the 'originals' stored on an external harddrive.

Lol, no worries with the advice, thanks for taking the time really :) Much appreciated.

Alex Roe said...

Di, yes, I was viewing the slide show, I seem to remember - however, I take your point re 'borrowing' - it's probably a good idea to leave the photos as they are in this respect, although, having said that, if you want to sell your services, then the sharpness issue may put potential clients off.

I suppose you could put a little note to say that sharpness has been reduced for 'copyright' reasons, or some similar blurb.

BTW by, attempting, to help you, I'm learning a thing or two - so as for the 'time', no worries!

All the best,


womanwandering said...

It's a hard call Alex, sometimes I think about a new website but there's enough going on for now I guess :)

Lever said...

Love the new header - nice, airy, bright, fresh...

womanwandering said...

Thanks Lever, I'll pass it on :)