Saturday, July 07, 2007

About my laptop ...

I should photograph my laptop as it is today ... it's really more of a 'la' actually, undeserving of all six letters.

There's the external keyboard that was required after an incident that occured while living in Istanbul, then there's the external screen due to the screen recently turning black, causing me to imagine it dead, and now there's the usb stick that provides virtual memory because I lost a memory cell in my little Toshiba Satellite and it has to work so terribly hard when I ask it to do things for me that I have to wait a long while the internet opens for me.

It's too late to photograph it tonight but maybe one day.

Life is stepping up a few levels and my 'to-do' has become kind of interesting.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Dunno of it's a la, I rather think it's just a l. :) Please do tell more about the incident in Istanbul, sounds like a spill with red wine I'm guessing. But do tell, did it involve anybody screaming: Di's on fire and you trying to put out the flames but couldn't quite figure out which way to throw the wine?

Jon said...

Certain would suit 'la' now, not 'laptop' might be a bit uncomfortable with all that on your lap

womanwandering said...

Meneer Manic, it seems you know me too well. I'd rather not talk of the incident in Istanbul didn't happen when the woman fell past my 5th storey window screaming, and it didn't happen when the fuses for the whole apartment blew whenever I turned on the bathroom light ... but yes, there may have been red wine involved ... sigh.

Indeed Jon, it stays on the desk and I kind of have this laptop-like shell housing what is left of my computer ... more sighs.

Working towards a new one in September. I shall be dizzy with delight when it arrives.