Sunday, July 15, 2007

Play the ball where the monkey drops it.

I was over catching up on Laura's website and had to post one of her pieces forward ... it's too appropriate for me and the way that my life goes.

You can read the entire post about the English colonists trying to play golf on a course they established in India over here but this is the piece that appealed to me most.

The rule is ...Play the ball where the monkey drops it.

As you can imagine, playing this unique way could be maddening. A beautiful drive down the center of the fairway might be picked up by a monkey and then dropped in the rough. Or the opposite could happen. A hook or slice that had produced a miserable lie might be flung onto the fairway.

It did not take long before the golfers realized that golf on this particular course was very similar to our experience of life. There are good breaks, and there are bad breaks. We cannot entirely control the outcome of the game."


Belladonna said...

Glad you liked the story. Although Laura linked to my Mind-Muffins blog when I sent her the monkey-golf story, that one and other life lessons are actually over at my other site, Life By Design

womanwandering said...

Hi Belladonna. I'm fairly thorough about linking but I only usually go back one step and leave people to find the links back and back when they go to the link I've made.