Friday, February 27, 2009

I was clearing my inbox ... the inbox I spent hours going through the other day, in an effort to gain some control in my life and now, I try to spend a few minutes just dealing with mail I would normally put to one side ... for later, when I have time.

But the problem is that while I was doing that this morning, I was broadsided by a desire for 'things'.

Paul Kelly, a favourite singer of mine, is offering a deluxe package over on his website ...

I have almost reasoned myself out of it.

But fresh from that battle of wanting, I walked into another newsletter I had signed up with and was easily convinced that this might be a book I would enjoy.

I have never found my favourite song, Midnight Rain, online but here's something else by Paul.

If curious, you can read more of the song's subject here.


frida said...

I am beset by WANTING stuff. It's extremely embarrassing to be so materialistic. I need a guru.

Di Mackey said...

:) Phew. I used to be poor, so it was clearcut but now, with some income and being able to afford books and music again ... it's more challenging to redefine the lines.