Sunday, February 15, 2009

I had been reading of the Melbourne fires, I have friends and family living in Australia but I couldn't imagine the scenes survivors were describing.

The Age newspaper has a video clip of a fire approaching the home of a man who filmed until the spot fires needed attention and who, before he headed for the fire bunker, experienced his sunglasses beginning to melt on his face.


Cris Pansiera said...

Hi DI!!! Glad to hear that you got interested in taking daily pics of the mornings....I'd luv to have such a great photographer like you sharings pics of your daily mornings....We could exchange our daily pics twice or three times a week and post on our blogs....It'd be better to exchange it every day but I think it'll be hard for me....Some days I can't even check my e-mails....What do you think???I'm luving the idea....Will you join this adventure???

Di Mackey said...

Of course, viewing my early mornings more positively might be healthy even ;) I'm rushing at the moment but should be ready to start sometime this week.