Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Does anybody care about us?'

A documentary.


lizardrinking said...

Well the Spanish courts, the same process that was able to arrest Pinochet (I think), have decided to go ahead with their war crimes probe . Let's hope that this kind of concern and awareness gains momentum and some kind of strength in order to change things.

On your Paul Kelly post, by the way, my favourites are all off "Post" and "Gossip" - though later stuff is good too. Far too many good ones to pick an absolute for me :)

Kay said...

We all need to watch this and be aware of the injustices. But I can't help wondering what the Un is all about if it can't step into these sorts of situations and do its job.

lizardrinking said...

Hi Di, I'm not sure exactly what I wrote in my last comment. But the Spanish war crimes probe relates to a 2002 bombing of Gaza. Just in case my comment was misleading in any way.

Di Mackey said...

I didn't know about 'Post' and 'Gossip' hmmm, seems some more Paul Kelly research is needed :)

As for the war crimes probe, I noticed the British paper, The Independent was running story yesterday ... one of the soldiers who took part in a rather nasty targeted killing that took out a couple of innocent guys a few years back, had spoken with Breaking the and had given an interview to the newspaper as well.

'Waltz with Bashir' apparently shows the hell some of the Israeli soldiers go through when they realise what they have done for their government or whoever it is who gives them their orders. I feel for them too. I had met Israeli kids back in NZ, youngish and just out of their stint in the military and they were polite but so full of that crazy delicious life the Israelis I know have in them.

I hope a solution is found one day because two cultures are being brutalised at the moment.

This situation particularly, simply because it's the one I've been following for years, researching and talking with people.

Anyway, let's see what the Spanish can do.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Kay, somehow I missed replying to your comment. I think the UN's hands are particularly tied in this particular conflict. Google the UN and Israel and see what you come up with. It's interesting ... and disheartening.

lizardrinking said...

I met quite a few Israeli guys in NZ, too, not in Oz, though. Maybe because I wasn't travelling in Oz. They were as you describe them. We had fun. They cooked for me. Had a wonderful sense of humour.
Likewise with the Palestinians I have known. I didn't have as much knowledge of Palestine when I was in NZ, or I might have asked more questions, especially as one Israeli guy I knew had spent a long time in the army (beyond national service).
I really do hope people ultimately commit to a workable solution.
Gossip is probably Paul Kelly's seminal album, Post was the one just before it. Look them up. I think you'll like them :)