Friday, February 27, 2009

Antwerp, Part II

I just searched for Hendrik Conscienceplein, my favourite place here in the city and found this site with some stunning panoramic shots of some of my favourite Antwerpen places.

I think it gives a sense of some of the beauty here in the old city.


Inge said...

That's one of my favorite parts of the city as well, it's such an intimate & lovely square. I'll actually be in Belgium from 3 to 21April and would love to hop on a train to Antwerp to meet you (maybe in ViaVia cafe)! Will you be around during this period or does the Middle East beckon :-)?

Di Mackey said...

It is beautiful there, isn't it. Somehow, it's as if there is sun even when there is none.

I'll be in Istanbul for some of that time but let's work out dates, as it would be lovely to catch up with you.

Peter said...

Thanks for the link Di!

I had no idea there was a site with recent historic Antwerp images in 360°

As many of these images were taken near my home or at locations I pass daily, it feels slightly unreal.

I recall when the Antwerp Vleeshuis shot was taken, given the sign outside signaled a specific exhibition I visited.

The 360° images are by an Antwerp local called Koen Verschaeren, a photographer also featured in the World Wide Panorama event:

Di Mackey said...

Intriguingly, my first thought was that the photographer was my friend Marc but his work is different again. He's done some amazing photography work, Peter.

Anil P said...

Great spaces. It's amazing that so much space is made available around the buildings accustomed as I am to Bombay spaces.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Anil - I suspect the great spaces are partially due to the lens, as they don't look this in real life :)