Monday, February 02, 2009

De Koninck Beer

Antwerpen Bier, originally uploaded by - di.

I've made myself sit here, wandering out in search of distractions occasionally, 2 painkillers in me, heating on high, hotwater bottle on my back, hoping this isn't the flu arriving, as I worked my way through the last of the 200+ photographs I took of an American/Canadian family visiting the city.

I showed them my favourite places here as we wandered our way through a photography session. Gert made me a beer list, first on the list being a Bolleke of De Koninck ... as per photograph.


RD said...

Wow, Belgium's drinking age has dropped!

PI said...

What happened next? My Grandma alert would move the glass out of reach.

Di Mackey said...

Indeed RD, they are more relaxed about alcohol consumption here and oddly enough, there's much less of a problem with binge-drinking youth. I guess if it's been around since you were a baby ... ;)

Well, the little man was in pursuit and later happily licked the foam from his inquisitive little fingers. He approved of that particular Belgian beer, PI.

paris parfait said...

Oh I really hope you're not getting the flu - but if so, hope it's over with quickly, as you have so many travels to look forward to! Speaking of which, I've posted a little piece about voyages that may interest you. xo