Saturday, March 17, 2007


Yale, originally uploaded by - di.


Mathieu said...

Nice! Love the composition on this one, Di. :-) and the density is spot on.

If you're going to start being excellent at both portrait and non-portrait... I may have to go off and sulk! ;-)

woman wandering said...

Thanks Mathieu!

I'm less about 'excellent' and more about 'random' :)

As you seem to be a rather superb all-round photographer with technical know-how, I think your sulk is a longggg way off.

paris parfait said...

Speaking of locking, can you tell me how to encrypt my photos so that people will stop stealing them? Your photo is terrific, btw.

woman wandering said...

Encryption is beyond me Tara. I put my copyright across them and make them quite small to print off in reality - since hearing that photos are regularly lifted from people blogs and flickr accounts, with some people taking those images and selling them as their own work on stock photography sites.

Sorry not to be of more use.

Shashikiran Mullur said...

Very nice picture. Gazed at it for a good while.

Mathieu said...

There's nothing much you can do about people ripping off your web-resolution photography, I'm afraid. That ship sails as soon as you put your stuff on the web!

As Di says, keep the high rez stuff (for printing) to yourself, and consider the web-size stuff advertisement. Might as well release it as Creative Commons - Attribution and hope SOME of the users will point back to you.

As for stock photography, go ahead and put your own stuff up for sale. It won't stop the thieves but you might get a piece of the action. If a dispute ever arises, you have the high rez originals, he he.

Anyway, my two cents.

woman wandering said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Shashikiran.

The story of it is more than you see there. It's a brand new lock on the old Red Star Line buildings here in Antwerpen.

They're slowly but surely ressurecting them and recalling the history of Red Star as a European departure point for immigrants sailing for America ... Ellis Island in fact.

I like that the photograph stands alone but that it has a big story behind it too :)

woman wandering said...

Thanks for your '2 cents' Mathieu.

Some of the nicest work I've had come my way has been born out of free stuff I've done. Sometimes I try to concentrate on the karmic nature of it all :)