Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy's Police State

At the crossroads equi-distant from these three infant and junior schools police arrested an elderly Chinese man on Tuesday evening. On his way to collect his grandchildren from another school in the neighbourhood, he was handcuffed and bundled violently into a car when a spot check revealed he didn’t have residence papers.

It caught my eye but then there was this “After 7 hours of police questioning, the headmistress was freed on Friday afternoon!”

Petite has written an interesting post on recent shameful events surrounding immigrants and the police in Paris. It seems like another country where the freedom that was once so highly valued, is being damaged by a politician with his own particular plans for 'the people'.

She writes: On Friday, shortly after a peaceful protest outside the local police station which at a guess, was attended by 200 people (including me), Tadpole’s directrice was carted off for questioning. It is alleged (although she denies it) that when trying to intercede on behalf of parents and children on Tuesday, she called one of the police officers a “connard“.

One suspects the police were more piqued that she reopened the school after hours to give shelter and assistance to those overcome by tear gas. The 58 year old man, on the other hand, has been released by the police and a memo has been circulated reminding police officers not to carry out arrests in close proximity to schools.

I hope France knows what it's doing, allowing Sarkozy to pass laws like the one he passed at the beginning of March ... where bystanders are no longer allowed to broadcast films showing acts of violence (including police violence) on the internet according to a law passed by Nicolas Sarkozy. The offence is punishable by up to 5 years in prison..

Her post ends with Videos of these events can be seen here .
Good luck policing the internet Nicolas, I suspect it might be harder than you think.


Mathieu said...

As an expatriate Frenchie who doesn't follow news from la mère Patrie, all I can say is:


Judging from the poll numbers, it certainly seems to work well for the bastard.

woman wandering said...

He's a nasty little man ... and I can't stand that he's not willing to give foreigners the same opportunities his family was given as immigrants ...

I guess, as a son of an immigrant, he could be excused for not knowing of, nor being willing to uphold the ideals of the French Revolution upon which French society is based.

Oh I could spit about this.