Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Belgian Brady Bunch ...

I find myself overwhelmed by a desire to spring clean this morning ...

Spring has sprung however the bad news is that with the blue skies and warmth comes smog alerts. The blue skies are lost to a terrible smog haze as the gazillion cars and trucks pass over the Antwerpen ring road to and from destinations all over Europe.

So ... there are major upheavals planned in the apartment over the next few weeks as we work out how to fit two more people into it.

Gert's children come and go, spending about 10 nights per month with us and now my daughter and granddaughter are moving in ... there's a Brady Bunch feeling to life.

We think we might have found the sweetest wee bed for Sahara the 2 year old, and we feel relatively confident we have the correct tools of negotiation for everything and everyone to give up or make-do with. We think our plans for utilising space won't compromise anyone's space too badly, in fact things might be nicer for everyone.

It's a big apartment really, 3 bedrooms with a toilet and another bath room with toilet and we're blessed with a huge balcony ... we can even envisage a small paddling pool and a room for a tricycle so yes, it's the whole swings and roundabout cycle of life really.

When guests come, it will be a little more about the New Zealand way ... someone will end up in the lounge on the couches is my guess ... depending on various factors it will occasionally be Gert and I. (Don't worry Marylou ;))

Okay, so perhaps I'll start with the windows ... partially blaming Mathieu's
Exercise Your Brain on the Treadmill, or Have a Stroke at the Keyboard?
post for this desire for movement.

(Note: the photograph came from yesterday's De Standaard Online ... it's the real deal.)


Manic said...

You could put a tent on the balcony and say to one of the little ones they can go out camping, on the balcony. They could ever see trees and magpies, isn't that something. Boy oh boy, I couldn't wait if I was them.:P

woman wandering said...

Hmmm a tent on the balcony ... you know that the side where all my birds visit has no railing?

It's the tree side, remember it ?

Manic said...

It's like camping near a cliff then, all the more exciting, I reckon :P

V-Grrrl said...

Ooh, things are going to be lively--and lovely too.

Now we'll get to see frequent photos of your golden grrrls, yes?

woman wandering said...

Manic ... I'll remind you you said that when you have children ;)

Hi v-grrrl, maybe you will. Jessie, after a childhood spent as my photographic model, tries to hide behind her camera ... so let's see how that goes.

Anyway, you'll have to meet them :)

ML said...

I laughed out loud when I saw that Don't worry Mary Lou! lol.. Hmm.. shall we bring a sleeping bag along with the luggage?? lol

woman wandering said...

I laughed harder, I'm sure of it Marylou ... I still remember you back in New Zealand ... your confession that you had never ever slept in a sleeping bag. I remember the shock of it :)

So ... rather than break a lifetime of sleeping bag avoidance, I would say no, we'll give you and Al our room and I'll introduce Gert to the a little kiwi hospitality, the one where one gives up your room for much-loved guests.

Anyway, we've got the road trip to look forward to too ... roll on September.