Saturday, March 10, 2007


We found some 3euro Australian red and I'm happiness-filled.

A mouthful of Lindemans Cawarra and I was transported back to Bannockburn and to other dinners with Dave and Jude, a long time ago when I was last in New Zealand or those times before I flew out for the first time ... after the divorce while they were introducing me to the new love of my life; a little red wine to be shared with friends and good food.

This morning, standing waiting for the train to Brussels at 7.30am on a frosty spring platform, I questioned the sanity of taking teaching work over in the bigger city however the sun was out in a blue sky ... everywhere I travelled on that 90 minute journey looked simply stunning.

Working with 6 four year old children was challenging but fun and already I have a couple of favourites ... the twins, Sidney and Hugo would win anyones heart.

On my way home this afternoon, under the city on the train and my phone buzzed with a message. The Canucks were asking if they might join Shannon for dinner at our place tonight ... could we stretch to 5?

A quick consult with Gert and no worries, there are Stofvlees for everyone and we were delighted. Alcohol was offered up by way of negotiating a place at the table ... offerings gladly accepted but negotiation unnecessary.

Shannon's bringing a guest of her own and so we are 6 ... and suddenly it's all about good friends, wine and nice food again.

Gert sliced up some pita bread, covered the triangles in oil, salt and cayenne before baking them and I whipped up some of my beloved guacamole ... we're still working our way through the avocados and limes from the Market last week.

We're all but ready as I type this, so here I am, enjoying a small glass of Lindemans, remembering old friends and good times.


Peter said...

Sounds like a perfect evening - that's what life is all about ;)

Andrew said...

As always, had a great time! Stoofvlees was awesome!

woman wandering said...

It was fun Peter, a little headache this morning - a lot of laughter last night.

As always, a pleasure to have you guys over here Andrew ... enjoy the Sunday sunshine today :)

chiefbiscuit said...

Di's idea of perfection! (And so true - it is!)

woman wandering said...

It is, isn't it Chiefbiscuit ... I love that it's possible where ever we go in life :)