Monday, March 26, 2007

Flanders Fields, a Project.

This old black and white photograph shows a kit inspection at Featherston Camp back in New Zealand and comes from the Wairarapa Archives.

Sadly, those pictured suffered a more than one in six death rate as a result of world war one. A total of 57% of them became casualties.

I've been working with and around a 1917 Flanders Field project since last year. And while I had nothing to do with creating this rather superb website beyond giving them some of my photographs to use, it does round up all that we're doing and planning to do this year, with one or two surprises still in store.

Anyway if you're curious about world war one, about the role New Zealanders played here in Belgium 90 years ago, about the battles of Messines and Passchendaele then Flanders 1917 is worth checking out.
The 2007 programme is here ... and I imagine I'll be blogging more than a few interesting events from June through into November.

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