Monday, March 05, 2007

A Day in the Life ...

Ask me for ideas about teaching Jack and the Beanstalk or Incy Wincy Spider to 4-6 year olds and I could talk at length.

Want to brainstorm teaching Flat Stanley or the weather ... then I'm your woman.

That was today ... although in the land of grown-ups, Alison worked magic on the advertising flyer Gert began for Di Mackey Photography and the end result is stunning ... to be posted sometime soon, as we work towards launching all things photographic.

The business cards are queued and ready to pass through her printer onto semi-gloss photographic paper.

We have launched our individual photography websites ...

My photography can be found at Di Mackey Photography and Alison's images are over at her beautiful new site ... Alison Cornford Matheson Photography .

We're working on a shared blog space, wanting to create a non-static place to publish our latest work, quotes and other things on a daily basis.

I have to dream up an Easter photography special in time for the launch of an advertising campaign ... while continuing to prepare those lessons for my first 8 students.

That's right, I begin a weekly routine of Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons this weekend.

So if you pass by a woman carrying a camera and singing We're Going on a Bear Hunt (badly) in New Zealand English while you are out wandering the streets of Antwerpen ... well, that will be me.

Don't say I didn't warn you Peter ;)


Peter said...

Di, I'll be on the lookout ;-)

paris parfait said...

Am so glad your photography materials are coming together! I'm sure your website - and of course your work - will be a great success! xo

woman wandering said...

But I will try not to sing Peter ... :)

Thank you Tara ... it's been a long drawn out beginning but I'm almost there now xo

christina said...

Excellent! Things are certainly looking up these days.

woman wandering said...

Oh Christina, I hope so ... it has all so painfully slow but the last pieces of the puzzle are fitting into place :)