Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Saturday in Belgie

8.15am and I had convinced Gert to act as my driver, and so I was driven to class over in Brussels as opposed to catching the tram, then the train and the bus.
Bliss ...

Three of my pupils were ill this morning but Hugo and Sidney were there. We had a marvellous time with lots of laughter and English.

And afterwards, well Gert and I had time to go city-wandering.

The big find was the discovery of a clothing outlet store over in Brussels. Gert knew of it and introduced me to the delights of a series of Dod shops. He needed a new suit for work and found a lovely black one.

We stopped to lunch at a boulangerie called Village du Pain before heading on out to Stone Manor for some of the casserole mixes I used to use back in New Zealand.

Somehow a frozen packet of sausage rolls found its way into our purchases, as did one small block of Cadbury's Turkish Delight chocolate.

It was a good day.


chiefbiscuit said...

Yes the Cadbury's Turkish Delight is to die for! And sausie rolls - you really can't beat 'em. A taste of kiwi! ;)

woman wandering said...

There are more than a few things missing over here cb. They fill chocolate eclairs with cold custard, the sausie rolls are just a sausage without onion, and they dont do battered onion sausages at the chips shops ... and theres no deep fried battered fish either.

Hmmmm theres a problem with my puncuation keys ... excuse my lack of apostrophes.