Monday, March 12, 2007

Teaching the Little Ones ...

Who knew that I could so delighted about finding the Sesame Street website at my age ... but delighted I am.

My Saturday students are mostly 4 years old and have the attention spans of 4 year olds. I had to rethink all my class preparations, adjusting them to this attention span limit.

Enter stage right ... the Mr Men site, Dr Suess and Sesame Street.

I'm ready.

There will Dr Suess stories, with associated Grinch masks being made.
There will be Mr Men stories with associated bedroom door handle signs, and there will be Sesame Street counting activities with 'The Count'.

Alles goede.


Manic said...

I think I've got the same attention span as a four year old. Sesame Street fits you fine btw, you could dress up as Pino or Bert, or Erny. Ohh, them memories.

PS: I never watched Sesame Street, Flanders never had it really, they cancelled it pretty fast and replaced it by a talking dog, like that's believable!

woman wandering said...

Mmm, 4 year olds don't know the working history of cathedrals so I think your attention span is slightly better Manic ;)

You never watched Sesame Street ...???

I did, so did my daughter although I find the Dutch version slightly distressing ... it's so not how those characters sound.

christina said...

Excellent! I may even use some of that stuff for my library group. They're 9 and 10 year olds but they ALSO have the attention span of four year olds.

The German Sesame Street is very weird indeed.

woman wandering said...

Hi Christina :) As I write this I have a Mr Men height chart glued and drying across the room and a two class set of Grinch masks are ready to be coloured. There was so much available - I think the children will be delighted.

Sesame Street in German ... nothing prepared me for hearing that show in a foreign language. I was stunned.

chiefbiscuit said...

So ... you have a new job? It sounds like fun!

woman wandering said...

I have a couple of hours a week with two 4-8 year old groups chiefbiscuit. I've spent the last month developing a 'bank' of resources and plan on advertising for students here in Antwerp. The 4 year olds were my first work offer :)

I suspect photography will be mostly weekend work, when people are free to be photographed and so it is, I need some bread and butter work now that I can work.