Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Wee Adventure ...

9am and I was running out the door, off to meet Shannon and her friend, the owner of a pretty little childrens bookstore over in Brussels.

I made every tram, train and metro connection ... always a relief when you're me and found my way to the house of Shannon.

I realised that I'm developing a new appreciation of Brussels. Since arriving in Belgie, I've been happy with Antwerpen but just lately ... through winter really, I've found myself wanting more from the city.

As I wended my way through city streets today, I realised that I have this whole new city to explore and it's only a 6euro train ride away.

So ... today's meeting. Well I now have a small job starting Saturday week ... I'm running childrens activity sessions in the bookshop, teaching both English speaking children and non-English speakers... from ages 4 to 8, four classes per week.

To get out and on with the photography, I need cash for the start up costs ... I don't really want to go into debt to begin working. As it is, I have to be sure of clearing 200euro per month as soon I begin with the photography - to pay my taxes, social security and accountancy fees so ... bring on the the English students.

This job was unexpected and came courtesy of Shannon, who knows some people.

I've decided to look for more English students in Brussels, as the train trip is no hassle and there's more call for teachers over there.

Tomorrow Alison is wandering over from her world. We're in the final stages of launching the photography on an unsuspecting world ... the advertising campaign should begin next week.

Okay, I hope your day was a good one.


Manic said...

Sounds like you had quite a day. It'll be good for you to have a regular job like us youngsters. An extra reason to get out of bed every morning. Do keep in mind that during rush hour train seats are as valuable as your life, and probably more.

Kids are dumb, remember that, but they are smarter than you think, remember that. They are mean, remember that, but they's so sweat and innocent, remember that. Kids are like magpies, ohh wait, I told you that one, didn't I?

Ahh well, all the luck to you and your new job as being a TEACHER -say/read this with scary tone.

rob said...

That's terrific! My best wishes ...

Mlle said...

The day was too short! I'm really happy you'll be spending more time in Brussels. :)

woman wandering said...

Ciao Rob and grazie!

And manic,yes ... it was a lovely day.

Regular hours?
Sigh, Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons ... I'm still not quite respectably employed but I'm working towards it now.

It should be fine, I had 165 students in Turkey and I raised a smart daughter ... she made her first sarcastic comment when she was 2 or 3 ... we were so proud until she used her powers for mocking as a teenager :)

Teachers ... surely they're everyones favourite memory ;)

Oh and rush hour seats ... it's frightening, isn't it!

woman wandering said...

The day was too short mille, I'm happy too ...thanks for the opportunity to work over there.