Friday, March 16, 2007

A Goal ...

Salamanca Stork, originally uploaded by - di.

I am a nomad at heart. Photography fits that feeling of restlessness for me, enables me to be a nomad, choose my projects, my destinations.
Hans Kemp


harvey molloy said...

Your photography, for me, captures moments, people in motion: even the residents are somewhat nomadic! Tomorrow is the Karori fair, I can't sleep tonight, so I'll wake up, take the boys to the fair and then to the swimming. In the late afternoon I hope to nap--I love to nap during the weekends when I can. Do you have any children?

woman wandering said...

The Karori Fair ... I love how New Zealand place names sound to me now that I'm so far away from them.

Enjoy the fair and the nap that follows. Naps are so much better than 8 hours at night ... I must have lived in a siesta orientated country in another life.

Children ... I have a daughter, and racing ahead of my peers, who were traveling while I was married that first time back in NZ, I am also a grandmother.

They fly into my world in April, let's see what they make of Europe :)