Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sometimes ...

I play this game.

How many minutes do I really need to clean the entire house before Gert walks in the door.

What is the absolute minimum?

It's an interesting game, I've only been caught out once or twice in all the time that I've been here ... either I'm fast and good at guessing or I'm an exceptionally gifted housewife and really, anyone who knows me would choke with laughter over that second possibility.

I'm not the type of woman who cleans all day, I'm not even the kind of woman who makes the bed first thing in the morning (unless guests are calling by).

My rationale?
Who knows when a life-saving afternoon nap might be required.
Seriously, I read it the other day, afternoon naps lengthen one's life and I'm feeling in need of some life lengthening since I need more exercise and a good diet ... well, a personal trainer and a cook really.

So Gert is on his way home.
He phoned.

I have about 30 minutes to whip through the dishes, make the bed, clean all my lesson plan paper from the lounge floor, excavate all my 'stuff' from his desk and peel the potatoes ... hmmm, or would rice be quicker and simpler ...


Lever said...

Working from a crappy office now I miss napping infront of the lunchtime news... And if I die young I shall make sure my offsrping sue my boss to the max...

30 mins of cleaning is sufficient :)

Frida World said...

Lovely to come by and catch up on your posts. Going on a Bear Hunt is a favorite of my sister's children and I looooove reading it!

woman wandering said...

Hi lever ... I'm sorry about the 'crappy office'. Perhaps the boss could make you a little nap space?

It was sufficient, I got the washing done too. Hmmm what's that song 'I am woman, hear me roar' ;)

Hey Frida, it's a lovely song, isn't it. My daughter loved it too.

Peter said...

You know Di, being single-but-somehow-romantically-involved has a few (but often only a few) advantages: nobody cares how much time I spend cleaning (or not cleaning) my home. As I'm also a lousy (well, lazy) cook, I socialize outside, and yes, that often includes eating out or getting invited ("the poor man, still single after breaking up, let's invite him more often")

Only a handful of people visit me at home - and yes, they all agree I need to 'clean up my housekeeping act' :-)

woman wandering said...

Peter, based on an early photograph of you on your blog I developed this idea that you are at all times beautifully groomed and had therefore imagined you in a rather lovely hmmmm post-modern space.

I've popped into the Hilton supermarket twice recently and thought, 'Damn, I just bet I'll meet Peter looking like this' ... and 'this' wasn't nice.

It's reassuring to read of your home space ... dank u wel :)