Saturday, March 03, 2007

Market Day, Antwerpen ...

Or perhaps 'the day some tents at the Market blew down, leaving fresh pasta all over the ground'.

It was stunningly windy and wet outside in Antwerpen this morning ... but we had our mission, we had been sent forth to find limes and mint, ingredients for 'many' mojitos, not forgetting the avocados for the guacamole at a friend's 30th.

We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, coming home with a 5euro box of avocados AND a 6euro box of limes. Even better, we avoided wearing the pasta shop tent which collapsed in front of us as a huge gust of wind blew through. The Moroccan nut and olive guys managed to hold onto their tents but began packing up early. It was rough out there today.

Yesterday, Alison came bearing gifts on her USB stick ... as I write this, I'm listening to a stunning selection of some of her favourite music, fast becoming some of my favourite music.

Matthew had already introduced me to Sarah Harmer, Alison had more of her music ... stunning music. Thank you to both of you.

There are old favourites like Sarah McLachlan, together with 'new-to-me' Damhnait Doyle. I'm test-driving everything altogether, so every now and again, Gnawa Diffusion pops up, as does India Arie, Crowded House and Shaye.

The photographs are from Lisen and Yakup's visit, explaining the slightly different price on the limes.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Mojitos? You're planning a little southern cocktail party, are ya? It's a good way to start spring season.

Yes the winds were terrible today. Fences, road work signs, market tents as it appear all were victim of this barbaric wind. Has mother nature no respect?

margaret said...

i like the colors. We have a farmer's market that runs in the summer and fall but unfortunately not in the winter :(
I will have to link to the various artists you mentioned. I tend to get very stuck in the same music. Thanks!

traveller one said...

Hi Di!
Can't sleep so I am up strolling the web. Thought I'd share a really lovely photography site that I read:
I think you'll like her stuff!

woman wandering said...

Oh I have been slow to reply today ... I'm sorry. It was an incredibly late night.

Hey manic ... Mojitos were a good way to begin spring although I remained loyal to red wine, fearing the bite of the bacardi.

Hi Margaret, when I left my city there was a developing market down by the railway station, hopefully its gone from strength to strength. I think everyone needs a market to wander. It was another reason to love Turkey actually :)

Thanks for the link Kim ... her work is delicious! I hope you slept late on your Sunday :)