Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did you know ...

My daughter and I were once on one of our big road trips between the place we were living and 'back home' and she lay down in her seat to sleep a little.

Suddenly she sat bolt upright and looked over at me in the driver's seat.

She said, 'You won't spit in my ear while I sleep, will you?'

She was perhaps 8 years old and up until that point in her life, I had never talked of, nor had I attempted to spit in her ears.

It had simply never occured to me.

I promised I wouldn't.

She slept.


Manic said...

Have you ever attempted or the thought occured to you to spit in her ear after that said moment?

woman wandering said...

Well manic ... NO!

Lol, I do believe we could write a Dr Suess book between us though :)