Saturday, March 31, 2007

To whom do we tell what happened on the Earth,
for whom do we place everywhere huge
Mirrors in the hope they will be filled up
And will stay so?

Czeslaw Milosz, from Annalena.


chiefbiscuit said...

This poem seems to have been written for you Di. I am always amazed at how connected you are to world events - puts an ostrich like myself to shame.
Good luck with your preparations for the visit of your daughter and granddaughter.

woman wandering said...

Thank you chiefbiscuit :) It's so odd to be stepping back in time like this ... odd and yet fun to prepare.

Ostrich? Mmmmm, you know I have this idea that it's better to protect your creativity from some of the world events I've written about but I loved this quote.

The train has been a truly superb place to catch up on my reading and I found it this morning.