Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday is Brussels Day ...

Wednesdays I'm teaching in Brussels ... and it's okay.

I like conquering a city.
Really, it feels like that sometimes.
One day I realised I knew Istanbul and I liked how it felt.

It's not that I need to know every street and monument but these days there's something delicious about knowing which trains to avoid between Antwerpen and Brussels, how to move through North, South and Central stations .. and learning one or two bus routes has given me that feeling of having conquered a small part of big city Brussels.

Monday was a good day too.
I was invited to work as a photographer on an exhibition on Language here in the city. It's an exciting project, really exciting actually ... I'll let you know more as things progress.

Someone else phoned me about photographing their wedding, there's a child's confirmation in May, and maybe it's about time I got my advertising out in the world.

Two parents in Brussels have enquired about me working extra hours teaching their children more English and the bookshop I'm based at seems like a great place to pick up new students.

Slowly but surely, it's coming together ...


chiefbiscuit said...

I admire your initiative so much - but then, you are a kiwi!!!

christina said...

Sounds like good things are coming your way from all directions! :-)

And yes, it is so nice to really know a city and make it yours.

woman wandering said...

Hi chiefbiscuit ... wasn't there an advertisement that talked about the fact that 'if anybody can, a Kiwi can, making New Zealand strong again ...' etc.

You made me all nostalgic with your words :)

We spoke too soon Christina, food poisoning or a flu seems to have come my way tonight ;)

Manic said...

Work is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Children are kool, certainly when they cry!!!!!!

PS: New blog is up, it's called Manictastic, and it's fantastic :D

PS2: Sorry for spamming

PS3 I wanna gave that!!!!