Thursday, December 04, 2008

What Mark Did ...

Mark is an old friend, from those days when I was a kid growing up in Green Street through to now, in this European life of mine and last night, I found a package from him in my letter box ...

One of the gifts inside came with instructions that it had to be viewed at 6pm.

Being an obedient creature, I waited until 6pm and pressed play here on the laptop and guess what ... I am viewing New Zealand's 6pm Channel 3 News and it's truly excellent ... ads and everything!

I haven't been home for 4 and a half years so this is a wee slice of heaven. There is more in this package from home.

Grazie, dank u wel, gracias, tesekk├╝r ederim, Mark.

Note: Did I mention, it's so very different to Belgian television.
I miss New Zealand tonight.


Mark J said...

I would like to point out once and for all that old is a relative term - especially in regard to you Di!!!!

Mark J said...

How is the TV different?
As an avid supporter of the Television in general, I'm truly interested to know the differences - apart from the obvious language ones.
C'Mon Di - spill the beans!

Di Mackey said...

The differences ...

Well New Zealand television is less formal. I mean, after so long out of the country it seemed like everybody was off to a bar-be-que ... but in an intelligent way.

NZ television is happier somehow. The people are smiling, mocking, and seem a lot freer than what I have seen over here on tv, perhaps in Europe generally.

I need to compare them ... give me the weekend to watch everything again and take notes but let's just say for now that NZ television was a wee summer breeze for this kiwi.