Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today ...

Just in from a photography gig over in Brussels.

I love that kind of photography ... the documentation of a reception, with speeches. I imagine the feelings I have are akin to those experienced by a passionate big game hunter, although instead of going in for the kill, I'm hunting for that perfect photograph, a capture of something real and beautiful in people who don't even know that they are in my view-finder.

It did my soul good to get out there and I got to meet my first European Commissioner as a result. Rattling back through launches and receptions, I don't think I've met any others so far ...

It was a room full of good people, an excellent day really. One that began with Paola and an afternoon coffee.

Grazie Paola, it was just what I needed.


paola said...

Prego ;-)
Anytime, you make it sound like I did you a favour, but I enjoyed it just as well!

Di Mackey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

If I can just organise myself, we could do this a little more often.