Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just before Sunset, Antwerpen view

Before Sunset, Antwerpen view, originally uploaded by - di.

Peter will tell me the name of the church - it escapes me for the moment but the moon ...

Hyperthermia was setting in and my hands were going numb but it was worth it just to work with that 10 minutes of light.


Peter said...

I'm glad to help you out here Di:
you photographed the St Paulus ("St Paul's") church on the riverbanks.

But hey, so did I:

I notice you have been wandering around my home on the riverbanks, since you made several shots near my house in your other posts yesterday:
really, you're always welcome to ring my bell!


Di Mackey said...

Thanks Peter. I was actually next to the river on the walkway there and couldn't resist shooting across the rooftops to capture what I could of St Paulus.

If I was close to your place, I would have smsed but had the big lens on and wandered the river pier thingy then went straight to Tram 11 to defrost :)

frida said...

No matter that we see the full moon every month--every time seems like a brand new miracle. It never fails to take my breath away.