Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Tea Shop, Cairo

Tea Shop, Cairo, originally uploaded by - di.

One of the more delicious dream-like moments I had in Cairo involved this teashop in the back streets of downtown Cairo.

I was there to document a meeting on that 20+ celsius Egyptian day, meanwhile a few million interesting people strolled by and I tried to respect their privacy but by crikey, it took everything I had not to take photographs.


jfrancis said...

Tea is elegant
and transports one
above the moment.

Alex said...

Hi Di,

Have fun in Cairo! I'm sure you'll find plenty of great images to capture.

All the best and I'll follow your exploits via your blog. Sounds like a fascinating trip.


Anil P said...

The tea shop is so diferent than anything I've seen here, in India.

I quite like the feel to it.

Di Mackey said...

Indeed, JFrancis :)

It was superb, Alex but I'm trying to save Cairo for the launch of the new website. It's close.

The light around the area there was quite staggering too, Anil. I need to check your blog for tea shops in your world now.