Saturday, December 20, 2008

A glimpse

Downtown, Cairo, originally uploaded by - di.

I took this on my second day in Cairo ...

Sitting at an outdoor teahouse somewhere in downtown Cairo, listening to 2 incredibly interesting people do their thing while I took photographs of them and the world around me.

I have a political reception to photograph tonight - they're talking of a 3am ending and here I am, just a wee bit tired for some reason.

Anyway as is said here in Belgie, I hope alles goed in your world.

Tot straks.


paris parfait said...

Wasn't Cairo a fabulous experience??!! Can't wait to see more of your photos. xo

Manictastic said...

I love that street sign. Oh, you might have heard we're governmentless, again. enjoy your stable Middle East :D

jfrancis said...

everything is well in east texas,
low 70's today(not normal)
murky and drab
waiting for Christmas

will be tagging along
behind a safe distance
for a cheap vacation.

Di Mackey said...

Cairo was fabulous, Tara but challenging too. The people were so gentle - crowded sidewalks and yet this respect for personal space that I loved.

It will take days to process the photographs but it looks I'm heading back there in January - I'll have a 'to-photograph' list :)

Mmm, Gert mentioned the political situation. It's kind of fascinating but there seems some doubt over whether it will lead to elections at this point. Curious to see how it unfolds in the days ahead.

Hi JFrancis, lovely to find you here. I had to smile over the 'safe distance and cheap vacation' idea. You are so welcome :)

Carlos Lorenzo said...

I like this street sign. The color and the arabic inscription

Di Mackey said...

I love trying to capture street signs where ever I am, Carlos. It gives a taste of a place somehow for me.

I had to smile, the car registration plates over in Cairo were all in Arabic, and being the simple creature I am, I was so quietly surprised. I love those differences.