Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cairo Bound ...

Today has been about making my way through a check-list while suffering angst over the amount of equipment I'm taking.

I've always travelled quite lightly but this time it's about having everything on hand ... from batteries for the flash and the camera to enough memory cards to shoot everything with my settings on raw. Multiple chargers are needed for the cellphone, the flash batteries, the camera batteries, the portable hard-drive and the mp3 player. It's about the right lenses, the right-size camera bag, money, passport, e-ticket and the visa card.

I'll change my weather underground widget over to Cairo but a week in the mid-20s (70s for the States) is predicted.

I managed not to open the new book that arrived last week and I'm hoping it gets me through the 1 hour flight over to Zurich and on through the 4 hours it takes to reach Cairo.

The laptop is staying at home this time but I plan on buying a much smaller more portable one for travelling in the very near future. As the money comes in, it has to roll straight back out and purchase equipment but I guess that's how it should be.

I found a cheap little mp3 player and have loaded the best of my music, plus my lessons in Italiano. The embarrassing thing being the fact that I was onto my 5th pair of earphones before realising the mp3 player that was the problem. This 30euro mp3 player seemed like an investment long overdue.

So to pack ... writing this has put off the moment a while but everything other thing is done but for that.

Tot straks and have a lovely week.


furiousBall said...

you should load up some furiousball mp3s on that player :)

have a safe trip amiga.

Di Mackey said...

There's some furiousball on that mp3 player already :) I said favourite music.

Thanks Van, I hope so. And let's see how I go navigating the postal system. I'm starting to think there's a book in the whole 'Di tries to send postcards without the language of the country she's sending them from'.

Lydia said...

You're so amazing! Are you going alone on this journey? If so you're double-amazing! I am really anxious to read about this exotic, how exciting!

Manictastic said...

Have fun in Cairo. And keep remembering us :D We'll miss youuuuuuuuu!!!

Mark J said...

Duh - must remember to check your blog BEFORE I randomly txt you :)

Have fun !

Di Mackey said...

Hi Lydia, I'm not that brave and the first 24 hours were a little disorientating however all is becoming more familiar and I'm loving this experience.

I'll let you know more when I return as computer time is rare.

Manic, the weather is so warm here - crazy beautiful - but I miss this blog and the people I know too.