Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nowhere in particular ...

You know those days where you get on a tram, with Shannon ... which may or may not have been a contributing factor, and then get thrown off halfway into the city?

It happened to us just now but it wasn't so much about Shannon, it more about the serious rioting occurring in the centre city. The trams and buses had stopped running through the city, due to rioters attacking parked cars, buses and trams ... somehow being kicked off the tram turned out to be very good news. If I had any doubts, the multitude of police vans cruising the streets were quite convincing as we were carrying most my camera gear.

So we're home and we're safe after a long journey to nowhere in particular.


Nihal said...

Are we ready to say goodbye for 2008?

It is unfortunately not ending better, look this humanity crime in Palestine. All the world watches silently:((( I'm terribly sad, and all kinda celebrations are cancelled both in Istanbul and the rest of the country!

Well, I want to HOPE an even better and brighter 2009.

Di Mackey said...

So sorry to read so much was canceled in Turkey.

Let's hope that 2009 finds the world exploring more peaceful paths.

All the very best, Nihal.

Peter said...

The rioters were 2nd/3rd generation Muslims
(predominantly very young male-only Moroccans as far as I could witness), belonging to the "Arab European League"
who felt that destroying Antwerp cars and local businesses
was the appropriate way to protest
against the ongoing Israeli attacks.

The concept (destroying property/cars) in Antwerp was totally insane. Fortunately Antwerp riot police stopped these idiots.

Some people never learn.

Di Mackey said...

Although the police did publicly explain that it was a no-risk manifestation because the protest was going to stay in one place, as a result, neither the police or the organisers could control the very small number of young men who rioted.

I noticed an Iman also spoke to the crowd, telling them that Islam didn't support violence against innocent people.

Sometimes you see the frustrated energy in these young 3rd generation immigrant guys and you see that they are frustrated to still be considered outsiders. And I suspect the small number who ran riot were probably responding to the frustration we all feel over Israel's excessive use of military might over the general population of Gaza.

Barbara said...

My mind and my heart are overflowing with a mixture of emotions about this state of affairs and its ripple effect. Stay safe, and remember that the beauty you contribute to the world ripples outward, too. Maya Angelou said it, and President-elect Obama followed it: "We are the change we've been looking for."

ML said...

Oh I am so glad you are safe and home finally!! What a horrible and scary situation. Hope this New Year is so much better all over the world! Happy New Year to the whole family!

Di Mackey said...

Thanks for reminding me about the ripple effect ... it was Gandhi who said we should be the change we want to see in the world, wasn't it?

There was really no danger to me in the end, Marylou but at the time, it was all a little bit uncertain.

I think the world can only improve with Bush stepping down and Barrack stepping up.

paris parfait said...

And why were they rioting? Glad you and Shannon and your camera equipment were safe! xoxox (Oh, I've just seen yours and Peter's explanation in the comments). So sad. I understand the frustration, but that's no way to behave - attacking innocents. Here's hoping for a more peaceful new year!

Di Mackey said...

I'm very much hoping for a peaceful new year, especially for the people of Palestine. I read somewhere that the death toll has continued to rise, as has the injuries and that there is no way out for the 1million plus inhabitants of Gaza.

I can't comprehend that a disaster of this magnitude could occur while the world watches ...

Carolien said...

I spoke to a Palestinian friend who lives in Brussels. He was very upset about the rioting. He says that people who trash other people's property in the name of the Palestinian cause are only giving the Palestinians a bad name.