Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lazy Sunday ...

My flight is being booked for 5 days in Cairo mid-December and even writing that bemuses me some ...

I live this life of mine on a shoestring, a fairly ragged one mostly. Most of my 'adventures' occur as a result of my photography, directly or indirectly, helped along by friends and kind strangers on occasion.

It feels like a good life.

This Middle Eastern adventure will culminate in a rather incredible October exhibition in Berlin (not of my work) that I'll write more about in the months ahead.

Tonight is about packaging up cds full of photographs bound for Brussels and London, then there is the series of recorded interviews done with Hunter before leaving New Zealand such a long time ago. Listening to snippets of our conversations, I heard the New Zealand birds doing their thing in his garden ... the bluebirds or tuis and others, chiming their songs as we talked.

Now to the next things on the list ...


Nihal said...

Sounds like intriguing Di. I'm focused on your Middle Eastern adventure and the detailed notes -if possible. ME is where I've never been but read/heard many things. Your observations will be like a light for curious eyes like me:)
Have a happy day.

Peter said...

Bon voyage, mon amie!

You'll love Egypt: it's basically absolutely fascinating if you meet the right people.

I love the way you managed to built relationships across the world and across cultural divides, always capturing the moment with your camera while bonding with new friends and acquaintances.

As for life on a shoestring: trust me, I know how it feels.

Back to my grumpy buddy who needs medical care (I know, I'm an angel :-)

Enjoy Cairo, I'd love to meet when you return!

Di Mackey said...

I hope to have the new website up and running one day soon, Nihal ... we've had a few technical issues but it is close. Once I've moved there, I suspect I'll be much more detailed in the travel stories.

Part of the story will happen in Istanbul too. I'm not sure when we'll be there but it will be so good to be back.

Bedankt Peter. I hope to organise postcards ;) but you know me, and lately I've started buying them where I travel and catching up with the posting of them when I get home.

Good luck with Hans, I hope today's appointment went well for him. See you on my retun.