Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A note from my world ...

I've spent the last couple of days agonising over a request that I submit some samples of my photography for possible inclusion in an art show here in Belgium.

Which photos? is always the problem.
Should I present a theme, a collection ... or simply send in a range?

In the end, I decided to send a range of material (just 15 but across different subjects) while knowing that I will probably go out and shoot a new collection of work specifically... that is, if I am invited to participate.

It couldn't have come at a better time, as I am in my most studious mode these days, reading my way through Alyson B. Stanfield's I'd rather be in the studio.

Creating an artist's statement, just as my wonderful web designer is on a programming mission to finish the new website. Reading this book that sells itself as 'the artist's no-excuse guide to self-promotion'.

The new website means that I have to crank up the volume of production for this soon-to-be newly-relocated blog, sorting some more photographs for the galleries and fine-tuning some of the interviews completed and ready to publish.

I can really see why people hire personal assistants.
We took a lottery ticket for the weekend ...


Manic said...

Dear Mrs. Mackey,

I'm responding to your urgent request for a personal assistant. I saw it on a blog and I believe I might be the perfect man for the job. I've got great language skills and can make you feel at home everywhere because of my great gift for mocking people, especially people of the kiwi persuasion.

You know where to find me!

Yours truly,


P.S. Enjoy the last day of the year, and may 2009 bring you even more happiness and wandering.

kompoStella said...

hey Di -
i just wanted to stop by and wish you a good new year.

paris parfait said...

Aren't these routine things endless? If only we all had personal assistants; trouble is, most of the work can only be done by ourselves! I'm looking forward to seeing your work in that exhibition - no doubt, your work will be included. xoxox

Di Mackey said...

Manic, I am so tempted but unless I win the lottery, you would be working for free :(

Happy new year and all the very best things in your 2009. We're hoping for a February party, will get back to you on that one. Good luck with exams!

Thank you so much, kompoStella, all the very best to you too.

Oh Tara, it would be such fun to share office space with you! Here's to us working out our workloads in 2009. Much love xoxox