Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day, Antwerpen

Camel, Antwerpen Zoo, originally uploaded by - di.

And I was out wandering with my camera ... quite unable to resist this dude. And 'dude' he has to be, with a hairstyle like this.

It was cold out there, a blue-sky 2 degree celsius kind of day, with a cutting wind. Lovely conditions for photography though ...


Lydia said...

Indeed, what a 'do!

There is a farm that has some camels near our town. I mentioned it to our veterinarian once when my cat was being examined, because I thought he'd like to show them to his young son. He asked, "Dromedary or Bactrian?" Nothing like being asked a question you don't understand, let alone have no answer for! (After checking I found that they are Dromedary.)

Manictastic said...

He looks awesome :)

Di Mackey said...

I would have laughed if asked a question like that ... Dromedary or Bactrian?

No idea :)

He does, doesn't he Manic.