Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cairo ... a moment on a borrowed computer

Stupendous ... chaotic, crowded, so very different to what I'm used to ... good people, fascinating and challenging cityscape ... incredible artists, an exhibition opening tonight.

No laptop, no photographs downloaded but later, when I return.

I'm traveling with the person who opened this world to me ... I shall quite possibly change my name to Alice (in recognition of the fact that I'm often in wonderland when wandering in this world).

Back soon ...


michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I *love* this post. Can't wait for stories and photos :)

Manictastic said...

Oh Cairo, must be crowded, crowded, crowded. I wonder if they know Vegemite over there :D

Mark J said...

Those Philistines wouldn't know a good Vegemite and cheese sandwich if they fell over it :)

Have you tried it yet Manic?

Great on toast when you're hung over (or so I've been told).

jfrancis said...

will german magazine be posting
your photos on line? and address
please. I am V.grrrl commenter.

Deadlyjelly said...

Can't wait to see the pics from Cairo. Hope you enjoy the exhibition tonight - good luck! x

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Michelle :)

Crowded but not pushy, Manic. I was delighted when I realised there was no stress about space, despite the fact that as many as 25 million inhabit that city space.

Vegemite ... the Turks thought I was trying to kill them when I offered to share, some of the Americans did too, Manic. I've learnt not to expect it outside of NZ and Oz and I've only found one foreigner who liked it ... sigh.

No one knows Mark. I guess it means we don't have a supply problem eh wot.

'Been told' Mark? ... uh huh, man of many hangovers over the years ... no?

I think they will be posting an online issue. I took a peek to see where they were going and could view the magazine. It's called Du magazine and it's Swiss. I'll blog details when they publish. And welcome to you, JFrancis :)