Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shashikiran Mullur's Blog

If you are inclined towards reading some truly beautiful prose then I recommend visiting Shashikiran Mullur's blog. I was there just now and loved his post titled 'the next half-life'.

In an extract he writes: I’ve been making frequent excursions to the ghats, seeing farms and plantations and wild places. The roads to these places are new and jet-black, there are no pot-holes, and the shoulders and medians are neatly marked in yellow and white. The forests are shrinking, but at the moment there is enough green to lose oneself in, water furls and unfurls in lakes small and large, the air is crisp, and the hill-ranges are so mysterious they offer a sense, almost, of the sublime.


shashikiran Mullur said...

Thank you very much, Di. I'm greatly encouraged.

Di Mackey said...

A pleasure, Shashikiran. Your writing is beautiful and I do enjoy stopping by the read you.