Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cheese Rolls, South Island Style

There was this recipe that never traveled very far north of Dunedin, the city where I grew up. I once gave it to Christine Kirker while we living on the airforce base in Marlborough but still it seems to have remained secret, to the point where I couldn't find the recipe online to confirm the amounts and ingredients ...

It's a stunning recipe.
A perfect warming feast on a winter's day.
Even more perfect with with a big pot of home-made pumpkin soup.

So that's what I did today, I introduced Gert to the delights of South Island cheese rolls and pumpkin soup made my way.

And yes, it was cold and grey enough to be eating a dinner like that.

You want the recipe only known to Otago-ites?

600ml milk
1 packet Maggi soup mix (we finally had some sent by a lovely friend in New Zealand)
You stir and bring the 2 to the point just before boiling.

whisk 2 eggs
1 cup grated cheese.
then I let them fall slowly into the pot of milk and soup mix, stirring continuously with a whisk, just to avoid the egg setting in lumps.

Bring that just back to the point of boiling then turn off and allow to set.

Once set, you spread it onto thin slices of white bread (really thin) and roll into thirds.

I couldn't find thin enough slices to I put two pieces of bread together.

Grill until golden both sides and then spread butter on the hot toast so it melts.

To be eaten immediately.



Mark J said...

Did you know you cant buy cheese rolls in Auckland! And this is supposed to be a cultured city as well.
I remember schools selling them as fundraisers. I want one (or maybe two) NOW! :)

Di Mackey said...

Lol, told you ... they really never made it much past Timaru, if there.

I adored them, used to make them where ever I lived, then I came here to Europe and you won't believe what they don't have.

Don't even talk to me about chips (crisps to those not from home) - flavours include terrible things like paprika, pepper, pickles, tomato ketchup and absolutely NOTHING like spring onion, chicken or salt and vinegar. It's a terrible situation.