Sunday, September 16, 2007

An interesting blog titled Cicilie among the Parisians

Cicilie among the Parisians . Her blog can be found here.

An interview with her begins with ...Anthropologist Cicilie Fagerlid had actually intended to study peaceful cosmopolitan existence in Paris. But a month after she had relocated there, on the day she completed her French language course, riots broke out in the suburbs. “There is loads of cosmopolitanism here, but when people around you are angry, it is bit inappropriate not to take their anger seriously, and just look at the things that are going well,” she says. This research fellow now wants to find out why France ended up in this situation- in large part by studying the poetry slam scene.


chiefbiscuit said...

So did you see the game? We watched it here and at one point (I didn't know if you were there or not ...) but I thought I saw in a crowd shot someone that could've been you ... with face painted black and white (& with hair up.) It wasn't you was it? Long shot ...
Lucky you in Paris - stay away from those poetry slams tho'!
Hope your back gets better soon.

Di Mackey said...

No, I didn't ... it's more difficult to find in Belgium and we've been so very very busy. The weekend was full too.

I wasn't there ... wish I had been though.

Paris is only 2 hours by train or car chiefbiscuit, should you find yourself in my new part of the world :) We could just jump on the high speed train.