Saturday, September 22, 2007

A brass band on bicycles ...

My legs still ache but less said the better, as per an exchange of email between v-grrrl and I that had me belly laughing as I read her reply.

An interesting day ...

This morning Gert and I wandered off to the foreigners market for fruit and vegetables, the shoe shop to pick up one of my little ankle high Italian leather boots that were repaired ... yet again. I love those poor little boots, the same ones that caused me to fly through the air on marble stairs in Turkey, that have heels replaced both in Sirinevler and Antwerpen and have now had the zip replaced. They've been traveling with me since I flew out of New Zealand back in 2003.

So were strolling through the September sunshine on 'the' fashion street in Antwerp when a brass band on bicycles made an unexpected appearance and treated us to a 'drive by' performance.

We caught the tram home for lunch, then out again on other neglected errands before trying to work out how to get kiwi friends from Charleroi Airport to us late on a Monday night. It's much more difficult than we'd imagined and there are 5 of them, so the complications have become interesting.

A fast dinner then we were off again, heading for Sultan der maanden (iftar + randactiviteiten) . I was taking photographs for the integration people I volunteer with here in the city and absolutely loved walking back into the Islamic festivities associated with Ramadan ... it took me back to the warmth and colour of similar festivities attended with Kagan, Nilay and other Turkish friends back in Istanbul.

But more on that another day, I have photographs to work through and will wait for them.


Manictastic said...

Busy days, I see.

Di Mackey said...

Indeed they are ... but I was off sick and had to catch up :)