Sunday, September 09, 2007

An internet cafe, Versailles

I'm sitting here more than a little bemused by the fact that I'm making my way round a French keyboard, asking for the Dutch version of my Scarlet email account and etc ... so far from my old life back in hometown New Zealand.

I'm just in from wandering the gardens of Versailles, having enjoyed the summertime special ... classical music that accompanies the garden's many fountains at certain times of the day.

I adored Paris, and life in a small gite in the Normandy countryside isn't so bad either. My back is slowly recovering. It's been a nuisance but so far, France has kind enough.

Wifi isn't an option in the heart of the French countryside however the laptop has traveled and recorded all that I've seen, as has the camera.

It's good to be wandering again ...


Manictastic said...

Let's be a pain in the butt and ask for proof you are actually in France, perhaps in the way of you on a picture ;-) (when you read this adopt a cute little French accent, it makes it that much more Inspector Clouseau (and start Pink Panter tune))

Antipodeesse said...

Oh Di, what a shame I didn't know you were in Paris - I could have come in and had lunch or drinkies with you!

Hopefully next time!

harvey molloy said...

I hope that your back's better. At least you have wonderful surroundings to distract you

Mark J said...

You are missed :)

Di Mackey said...

Proof, Meneer Manic?
Are you prepared to stand sunny blue sky seashores and all kinds of other delights?

I'm sorry antipodeesse, if I could have organised a meeting I truly would have but I couldn't even meet with Tara over at Paris Parfait and etc ... we were on a schedule with 2 American friends. Next time please :) I'd love to meet you.

I returned home tonight Harvey, happy that my back is much much more bearable than when I left. It must have been all the very very nice red wine.

Dank u wel Mark. You are duly appreciated ;)

Mark J said...

Why do you think all my comments are tongue in cheek?
I'll have you know that only 50% are!!! :)
Rest assured my comment above was heartfelt - I missed our weekly chat :)

Di Mackey said...

Mark, my reply was truly serious.

Sigh, the problem is that those who know me suspect a mocking when I'm too polite. Gert has become very suspicious. I'm so misunderstood.