Friday, September 14, 2007

Mail from Michelle!!

You cannot begin to imagine the pure joy and huge amount of belly-laughter found in the lines of an email from Michelle.

She is without doubt, one of the most cleverly amusing people I know in the entire world, as is anyone who can pull the voice and character of 'Black Adder's' Queenie out of thin air and go into a very natural performance mode.

A simple mail to her is immediately full of laughter and a certain personality pops out to play and without fail, that sublime creature replies with astounding hilarity - whether she is sketching the personalities of each of her 3 children, her husband and life as a PhD student, or talking of swimming in the sea someplace in Asia where her clothes may have been stolen from the beach (as I recall).

I would quote from her mail but I need permission so you'll just have to take my word about her. Gert was delighted by her short message to him and breakfast was spent laughing over her stories of her kidlets.

It was a good way to begin a day.


david mcmahon said...

Black Adder - now that really is ageless humour, Di

Di Mackey said...

Hi David.
Tis indeed :)