Friday, September 28, 2007

Meet a new love in my life ...

the new love of my life, originally uploaded by - di.

See that little HP Pavilion dv2000, it's mine and I adore it in the nicest possible way ...


Manictastic said...

It looks so small and helpless. :)
Finally you have a full laptop instead of just a la.

Di Mackey said...

I love my little laptop ... it doesn't look small and helpless, it's little and clever and tougher than a tough thing :)

And yes, it's a LAPTOP really. So good after what I had been working, or attempting to work with.

Peter said...

A wise choice: the HP Pavilion is highly rated.

Shame about the VISTA sticker, but then again, neither of us has much choice left when buying a new laptop.

As long as your other equipment and software is VISTA compatible, it will run smoothly.

There's even a SP1, a first service and reliability pack currently in Beta-testing.

But please read this:

As customers, there's not much we can do about it - Apple is way too expensive, Linux is only for the techno-savvy.

I've got a friend with a new Vista machine: Vista was not compatible with much of his photo and camera software... It happens.

But what I find really annoying is this:

Make sure you have an active internet connection and restart VISTA. Click the Start Menu and type Run in the Search field. Click the Run command. If you're seeing a black window, you can continue. If not: type cmd
Finally, type: netstat -a

You're now looking at all the network connections your laptop is currently making over the internet.

As you just restarted Vista and did not ask for any connections, there shouldn't be any.

But do take a look: can you read "microsoft" and "busy", "listening" or "established" anywhere?

I'm sure you can, and it's not a very pleasant feeling. This is your machine, not theirs.

[The same goes for Windows XP, unfortunately, although XP machines call home to Microsoft less often]

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel Peter. At the moment, the delight in having a working laptop manages to overcome the 'issues' and there are plenty.

Gert gave it a good 'talking to' tonight as Vista frustrated him at every turn.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.