Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Paris, originally uploaded by - di.

Home from Paris and downloading 100s of photographs from the camera ...

This was one of the Paris series that I wanted to see on the computer. 600km's today but stunning sights seen and lunch ... well, more on that another time.

Tot ziens.


Mathieu said...

Great shot. Her expression is priceless with joy and she looks like she is wearing a crown of sparrows!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it. See Europe is word seeing. And I'm talking Europe, not only Belgium or Vlaanderen. What are they doing there in Brussels? Could'nt we all together enjoy the world? But you know my vision on politics ... Lut

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Mathieu ... I could have stayed there for hours photographing the people feeding the birds.

They all responded in that same joyous way and the sparrows are stunningly friendly.

I felt like I was on a reconnaissance trip, making notes on places I need to return to ... loved France.

Hi Lut, and yes I know your vision on politics. I was traveling with a practising American democrat and a lapsed Republican (born again Democrat) and Gert ... you can imagine politics came up more than a few times :)

More than a 100 days and still no government. Who knows what they're up to in Brussels.

Mlle said...

I love this!!!

Di Mackey said...

We thought of you while we were there Shannon :) I sent you a postcard today ... I didn't find your new postal address until today.

Hopefully you're sending postcards from your New York too!

Shannon said...

Well.. I have to admit, I have yet to go down to the post office to get the right stamps. Now that I'm settling in here and have found the post office, I'll start sending you some snail mail!!

Di Mackey said...

Hmmm maybe I should confess that it was traveling that got me into postcard mode and once begun, I realised how fun it is ... to send a slice of your life in that moment to a friend or family.

I'm hoping to do it from Brussels and Antwerp too, just making the everyday a little more special.

Thanks for introducing me to the Moroccan restaurant. We had a beautiful feast there on Wednesday night!