Sunday, September 16, 2007

The guiding hand- Paris

a guiding hand- paris, originally uploaded by - di.

We followed our Belgian all over Paris, through metros, down unknown streets and into restaurants and menus.

It was kind of superb.


Mark J said...

Love it. Period.

Sassy said...

Paris !! Fun !

First time here, great blog, purty ...

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Mark :)

Lol, and sassy.

Peter said...

Great to be accompanied by someone who focused on the map.

I recall driving through Paris in poring rain, way back before the time everyone got a GPS for Christmas: it was absolutely no fun at all, even after my 20th visit.

Last August I used one of those more elaborate models with speed-cam warnings and POI's that even included WiFi spots: it was so much more fun focusing on a city and just forgetting the map.

"At the intersection, turn right", said the husky voice - I just followed ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Driving in Paris, with rain ... I don't envy you at all Peter. It's kind of a like an automative war zone.

The GPS sounds tempting as I'm a terrible navigator :)

Alexpr said...

Love the shallow dof of this photo!